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a sitar is string instrument

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Ancient musical instrument similar to the buccina

What did Aristotle recognized that modes could be used for different reasons

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What did archaeologists discover in China and consider them to be the oldest playable musical instruments

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Q: What does a sitar look like?
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Should you get a sitar?

If you like Indian music, by all means you should get a sitar. If you like Scottish, go for the bagpipes instead.

How do sitar players play the sitar?

I am a sitar player, and the way we play sitar is by sitting down, and putting one leg over the other and balancing the sitar on the leg that is slanted. We can't look at the frets on the sitar; we can only hear them, which makes it even harder. The sitar isn't that heavy, but sitting down for long periods of time can hurt while balancing an object on your leg.

What do you like or dislike about sitar or sarod?

My favourite Indian instrument is called sitar because, it looks very similar to guitar (I like the look of guitars)and its sound is very high pithed which can make a pice of music soun quite by pat

What is the sitar made out of?

The Sitar looks like a guitar but it isn't. Anyway your question. well the sitar is made out of wood. Now there's your answer. Now you can complete your homework or whatever.Thanks for reading thisSparkleeET

What did George Harrison like to do?

he like to learn about Hinduism and playing the sitar

What is a sentence for sitar?

"Sitar" can be used as illustrated in the sentence, "I will learn to play the sitar".

What country was the sitar from?

how many strings are on a sitar

Who invented music instrument Sitar?

Amir Khusrau developed it in the 13th century. I Posted the wikipedia sitar article in the related links box below for more information. You may want to see what a sitar looks like.

What is the sitar country of origin?

The sitar originates in India.

What is the vibrating part of sitar?

the VIBRATING STRINGS on the sitar

Who is father for sitar?

Ravi Shankar is the father of sitar.

Would you sit on a sitar?

No, you would not sit on a sitar because it is a indian instrument looked kind of like a guitar but bigger and longer. -Jackie sexy Powlis

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