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Q: What does iridescent by Linkin Park mean?
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What song is played in the Mainstay Pro video where Rue dies?

Iridescent by Linkin Park.

What will linkin park's next music video be?

Their next video is Iridescent. It will be released May 17

What song is Linkin Park playing in transformers dark of the moon?

"Iridescent", from their latest album, A Thousand Suns.

What song is playing on the HBO fall 2011 promo?

i'm pretty sure it's Iridescent- Linkin Park :)

What is linkin?

idk, i know of LINKIN PARK? i think you mean a band linkin park, linkin park is a band and they changed from lincolin park (or something like that) to linkin park ;D

Any good slow songs by linkin park?

Some good slow songs by Linkin Park are Shadow of the Day, Little Things Give You Away, My December, Valentines Day, Iridescent, and The Messenger.

Which popular musical artists have had a hit with a song named Iridescent?

"Iridescent" from Transformers 3 is the b-side of "What I've Done". Linkin Park and Mike Shinoda are popular musical artists associated with the hit song "Iridescent".

What are some new songs by Linkin Park?

Some of Linkin Park's latest new songs are Waiting for the End, Burn It Down, Iridescent, New Divide, Castle of Glass, Living Things, and What I've Done.

Will Linkin Park play for transformers3?

They've already released a new single for the new Movie. They remixed one of their new songs "Iridescent"

Which is the most heart touching song of linkin park?

Well, it probably varies from person to person, but from what I've heard it's either Iridescent or Shadow of the Day.

What are 10 good linkin park songs?

Papercut In the End A Place For My Head Faint Breaking the Habit Numb What I've Done No More Sorrow Iridescent The Catalyst

What is Mr Linkin's first name?

Considering that you mean Linkin Park by Mr. Linkin, I would like to let you know that Linkin Park is not a person but a band. The members of Linkin Parks are:Chester BenningtonMike ShinodaBrad DelsonDave FarrellRob BourdonJoe Hahn