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The Piano does not fit under one faily, but two. When you press down on a key [which is percussion], you cause a hammer inside the Piano to hit [also percussion] a string [which goes under the String section], or strings [depending on what key you play].

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It belongs to 'Lamellophone' family.

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Q: What family of instruments does the piano fit under?
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How do you convert piano notes to trombone?

The trombone and piano are both non-transposing instruments, so the trombone can read and play piano music as written. That said, if the piano part is too high or low, it will need to be raised or lowered to fit the trombone's range.

What is the narrators motives for refusing to master the piano?

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What do you call a person who makes a piano?

There is not a specific word for it. Piano Manufacturer is the best fit.

What exactly are piano tuners?

Piano tuners are tools used to tune a piano. The piano tuning lever; has a special "star" socket shape that is designed to fit piano pins, which are square and tapered.The most popular tip size is a #2.

What instruments would french horn fit in with?

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What musical instruments are fit for percussion?

There are two main classifications of percussion instruments. Idiophones include things such as cymbols and maracas. Membranophones include common instruments such as drums.

What instruments are strummed?

A strummed instrument is any string instrument that is played via picking the strings. Guitars, Banjos and harps can fit into this category as well as others, even flat back bases are played by both "strumming" and with a bow like other instruments in the violin family

What group do drums fit in?

Drums - are part of the percussion group of instruments.

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What are the notes to fur elise on the xylphone?

Same as on the piano, except with the range adjusted to fit the xylophone.

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Brass instruments create sound through air vibrations in a tubular resonator. Common brass instruments include the trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba.

Do cats play the piano?

No, cats cannot play the piano. If you have ever seen a cat playing the piano (a photo) then it is merely setup to look that way. The mind of a cat does not have enough potential to be able to learn to play a few notes of the piano. A trained dog on the other could play the piano, given that if he were to be properly trained and used a piano that had bigger keys to fit his leg strokes.