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Nothing... the only preventative measure you can take is to kill off it's food supply.=Once the food is exhausted, they'll hunt for food elsewhere.=

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Q: What insecticide kills scorpions?
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What are is the Difference between a herbicide and an insecticide?

A herbicide kills weeds and an insecticide kills insects. :)

What is the purpose of insecticide?

An insecticide usually kills any type of insect in your garden

What is scorpions?

what has the most powerful bite for its size an kills scorpions

Can insecticide kills frog?

They eat grass

What is scorpions predator?

what has the most powerful bite for its size an kills scorpions

What is the definition of insecticide?

A spray or liquid that kills insects

What is a bug killer called?

A person who kills bugs is an exterminator.A chemical that kills bugs is an insecticide.

What insecticide kills spiders but not praying mantises?

No insecticide kills spiders and spares praying mantises. Spiders number among the world's arachnids, along with mites, scorpions and ticks, whereas praying mantises, as insects, may be as vulnerable as arachnids even to such botanical insecticides as nicotine sulfate and pyrethrum. Spider control by botanical or chemical means requires a product that is categorized as an acaricide or as an arachnicide.

How do you get rid of spicket bugs?


What is a scorpions predator?

what has the most powerful bite for its size an kills scorpions

Insecticide that can kill scorpions?

Many insecticides are labeled for and can kill scorpions. In fact your common can of raid will kill a scorpion. In fact you could kill a scorpion with a fly swatter, a rock, or a 2x4. What you want to know is what insecticide is effective against scorpions. The answer: <a href="">Cy-Kick CS</a> and Bifen. To learn more about <a href="" how to kill scorpions</a> click here.

What is insectisides?

An insecticide is a chemical composition usually applied as a spray,that kills insects.

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