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Ravel's orchestration is as follows:

2 Piccolos

3 Flutes

3 Oboes

English Horn

2 Clarinets A and Bb

Bass Clarinet in A and Bb

Alto Saxophone

2 Bassoons

Double Bassoon

4 Horns in F

3 Trumpets in C

3 Trombones (1 & 2 in Tenor clef)




Bell in Eb





Snare Drum

Bass Drum

Cymbals (Crash and Suspended)


2 Harps



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Mussorgsky played the piano. One of his most famous works is the piano suite "Pictures at an Exhibition," a series of pieces with the titles of paintings by his friend Viktor Hartmann, interspersed with a varying Promenade theme, the whole meant to depict someone walking in an exhibition of the paintings.

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Mussorgsky didn't play any songs. He wrote operas, songs, piano pieces, and melodies.

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Q: What instruments are used in Mussorgsky and Ravels Pictures at an Exhibition?
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