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Hailie Jade Scott Mathers is her full name.

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eminems daughters last name is mathers and eminems real name is marshall mathers she took over her dads last name

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Q: What is Eminem's daughters last name?
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What is the name of Eminems girl?

His biological daughters name is Hailie Mathers

What is the name of the song that another rapper used haile eminems daughters name?

Loose Change by Ja Rule.

How are eminems daughters called?

Hailie Jade Mathers

Where are eminems 3 daughters?

Hailie, Alaina ( Lainey ), and Whitney.

What is eminems prized posetion?

His talent, His daughters, and his Mercedes Benz.

What do eminems daughters have the last name Scott?

He has three daughters-Hailie his biological daughter, Whitney his ex-wifes daughter with another man but he adopted her, and Alaina or Laney and she is his ex-wifes twin sisters kid.

What is eminem's real first middle and last name?

marshall Bruce mathers is eminems real name

What are Eminems daughters names?

Alaina, Hailie and Whitney (in alphabetical order)

How long did eminems last concert last?

gapun lang

Is Eminems last CD recovery?


What are the name of eminems 3 girls names?

The way you worded your question, it didn't make any sense, but if you mean his three daughters names, they are Hailie, Alaina "laney" when she was younger, and Whitney.

What is the name of eminems daghter?