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His favorite college team are the Steelers and the Bears!

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Q: What is Justin Bieber's favorite collage football team?
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Justin biebers favorite football team?

Pittsburgh Steelers

What is Justin Biebers favorite ncaa football team?

it is the Texas longhorns

What is justin biebers favorite nfl football team?

The New York Giants.

What is Justin biebers favorite college football team?

The steelers and the bearsNotre Dame!

What is Justin Biebers favorite boy celebrity?

Justin Biebers Favorite boy celebrity is Micheal Jackson, he is Justins biggest insparation

What is Justin Biebers least Favorite color?

Justin Biebers least favorite color is yellow.

What is Johnny Depps favorite English football team?

Justin biebers favourate english football team is chelsea.

Were is Justin biebers favorite place to eat?


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Who is Justin bieber's favorite girl singer?

Justin biebers favorite girl singer is beyonce

What is Justin bieber 's favorite activity?

justin biebers favorite activity is playing different types of sports, on his day of u can gararentee he will be either playing basket ball , hockey ,surfing or football

Is favorite girl Justin Biebers song?

yes favorite girl is