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Selena Gomez's favorite word is Filipino

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Q: What is Selena gomez's favorite word?
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What was Selena gomezs name in Barney?


What is Selena gomezs favorite song that she sings?

her favourite song that she sings is love you like a love song i have met her before that is why i now.

Selena gomezs weight?

Selena Gomez weighs at 117 currently

Who is selena gomezs song sick of you about?

It's About Her Fans ;P

Who is Selena gomezs number 1 fan?

Zaine Miller

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What is Selena gomezs favorite coloe?


What is Selena gomez favorite color in 2012?

Selena Gomezs favorite colour in 2012 is Lime Green

What is Selena Gomezs favorite cooking tool?

He favorite cooking tool is a whisk:)

Who is Selena gomezs favorite tv star?

jennifer aniston

Does Selena gomez where pink nail polish?

Selena gomezs favorite nail polish is Rainbow sparkle

What is Selena gomezs favorite decode rock band?


Selena gomezs favorite type of music?

Selena Gomez LOVES LOVES LOVES Paramore especially fences.

What is Selena gomezs 2nd favorite color?


What is Selena Gomezs favorite nail color?

Salena Gomezs favorite nail color is pink and black , because , black 4 the misterious in her and the pink cause its pretty and it shows her girlyness

What is Selena Gomezs hiar color?

Selena's hair is Black.

What is Selena gomezs favorite book?

i dont know and anyways you should tell selena when you meet her in maryland. she live in maryland

What is Selena gomezs faverot color?