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Deviance can BEST be defined as any

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Q: What is a doubles fact for first graders?
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When was First Graders created?

First Graders was created in 1984.

What is the duration of First Graders?

The duration of First Graders is 1.42 hours.

What books are good for first graders?

Books by Dr. Seuss are great for first graders. Junie B. Jones, Arthur, and Amelia Bedelia books are also good choices for first graders to read.

What do first graders like?


Where did Benjamin Franklin get his first name?

8th graders rule 7th graders suck :D

What are categories of Girl Scouts by age?

Daisy Scouts, kindergartners and first graders, age 5-6Brownies, second graders and third graders, age 7-8Juniors, fourth graders and fifth graders, age 9-10

What are some 2 letter words for 1st graders?

Some two letter words for first graders are:asatbebydogohihoifinisitmamemynoonorpasotoupwe

Can 3th graders wear diapers?

Yes third graders can where diapers in fact i wore diapers sense third grade myself. its a nerve in your brain that doesn't work well

The YMCA has 28 fifth graders and 33 fourth graders on its track team There are 9 fifth graders and 23 fourth graders on its swim team How many more fifth graders are involved in track than swimming?

First i red the problem i added the numbet of fifth graders and the number of fourth graders i subtracted their totals in got 19I knew to add or subtract because how many more means to add or subtract28+9=37 33+23=5637-56=1919 more fifth graders involved in track than swimming

How long does the average middle school couple go out before their first kiss?

well it depends on their grade and preferences but for 8th graders prolly a week7 graders around a week6th graders prolly a month (they never kiss though)

How do you write sixth graders?

sixth graders

Where should fourth graders go on a first date?

they should go to the park

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