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An arpeggio is a 'broken chord.' So on piano, if you played C,E, & G together you would have a C chord. If you wanted to arpeggiate the chord, play each note separately. You can continue this all the way up the piano: C,E,G,C,E,G,C,E,G etc. This works for any traditional chord - just play one note at a time.

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the notes of a chord played in succession, either ascending or descending.

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Q: What is an arpeggio on the piano?
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What is this called when you play notes on a piano one at a time rather than all together?


What is the musical term for a chord where the notes are played rapid succession rather than at the same time?

Depends on what you mean. If you mean a big run of notes up or down a piano or harp, then its a glissando. If you mean the notes of a chord, played after one another, its an arpeggio.

What are the notes to Can't help Falling in Love for piano?

The left hand uses an F major arpeggio, then uses an A minor arpeggio, the D minor then Bb major, D minor, C major and then back to the F arpeggio. The right hand uses simple notes, they go: F, E/C, F, D, G, A, Bb, A, G C, D, E, F, G, A Bb, A, G, F, A, Bb, C and F.

What actors and actresses appeared in Arpeggio - 2012?

The cast of Arpeggio - 2012 includes: Ivo Lucas as Afonso

What is the word for running your fingers down a piano key board?

Sounds as though you could be thinking of the term, 'arpeggio', which means playing a chord with the notes hit in rapid succession instead of together.

It is called a broken chord or?


What is a broken chord called?

An arpeggio.

What is the arpeggio of the f major scale for oboe?

The arpeggio is the root, 3rd, and 5th of the scale. In F major, those note are F A C.

What is an arpeggio in music?

An arpeggio is where musical notes are played one after another without ringing. They are used in fast paces songs, and video games.

What are the notes on clarinet for the a major arpeggio?

If you play the notes of a major chord one at a time you are playing an arpeggio. The notes of the A Major chord are A-C#-E-A. Two Octave Arpeggio for Clarinet (Ascending) A-C#-E-A-C#-E-A (Decending) A-E-C#-A-E-C#-A

What is the arpeggio for the A minor scale?

A, C and E.

What is the musical technique arpeggio?

Arpeggio is a technique in which notes in a chord are played or sung in sequence. Instead of ringing out simultaneously, the chords are sung or played in a sequence.