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It could either be named in accordance to the specific number of players, such as a quartet, or it could simply be called a chamber ensemble.

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Chamber Music.

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Q: What is an instrumental ensemble-or the number of instruments playing together-called?
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What is instrumental musical?

Instrumental music is a musical composition or recording without lyrics, or singing.----------------------------------------------------------It is music intended to be performed by playing a musical instrument or group of instruments

What is the music genre with only instruments playing?

Uh, Instrumental or Easy-Listening.... possibly classical! Check your local music store!! "Instruments" make "music". So, any music genre is possible when playing instrument.

What are the words to Black Sabbath's rat salad?

There were no lyrics to it because the song was an instrumental, meaning that the whole song had no singing just instruments playing.

What is the difference between vocal music and instrumental music?

Vocal music is coming from the voice while instrumental music is coming from the instrument. As a result, vocal music can have words while instrumental music cannot.

What has the author Joseph E Maddy written?

Joseph E. Maddy has written: 'Instrumental technique for orchestra and band' -- subject(s): Instruction and study, Musical instruments, School music, Studies and exercises, Instrumental music, Ensemble playing

What are front line instruments?

Well Front - Line is when in jazz, this / it designates a group of instrumental playing the lead melody parts. It can include the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, or clarinet, for instance. So those are some example instruments and the Tenor Saxophone is one to.

What is music without words or singing called?

Music Without WordsInstrumental AnswerAny music without words is called "instrumental music" because only instruments are playing. Only after words are added does it become "song."

What is the music played on YoVille?

It Is Jay-z playing instrumental on his azz

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The A team theme.

Did Amelia Earhart play instruments?

Amelia was not known for playing any instruments