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30 millions

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Q: What is dmx total record sales world wide?
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What are the total record sales world wide sugababes?

if it depends on talent a lot more than ' girls aloud '

Britney Spears total record sales?

The total number of records that Britney Spears has sold in the United states is 38 million. The world wide sales figure is 90.8 million records sold.

What are total world wide record sales for metallica?

The RIAA estimates around 52 million but I have heard anywhere from 20 to 150 million

What is Eminem's recovery record sales?

3,055,000 world wide As of October 16,2010

What is mobb deep worldwide record sales?

Wht is Mobb deep world wide record sells

What are total record sales for ll cool j?

LL Cool J has sold approximately 35m records world wide as of January 2009.

How many album sales has Lady Gaga had in total?

she has sold 5 million song which is a world wide record not a record the idiot who wrote that is obviously about 9. she has sold 12 - 15 million albums world wide and about 15 - 20 million singles worldwide

What are Jay-Z' s total record sales?

Jay-Z has sold a total of 55 million albums world wide. He is currently touring with his wife Beyonce in the On the Run tour.

Total worldwide album sales of The Games LAX CD?

What are the total world wide album sales of The Games LAX CD?

How many mobile phones are sold world world wide each day?

IMPOSSIBLE to answer - since retailers do NOT need to record theirs sales !

Who are the top 4 country artists with most albums sold?

Garth Brooks Has Over 200 Million Record Sales World Wide

What are the most albums sold world wide?

Michael Jackson's Thriller album with about 110 million sales world wide.

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