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Styles. His full name is Harry Edward Styles.

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His Full Bio Name Is Harold Edward Styles Or Harry Styles

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Q: What is harry's last name from one direction?
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What is the last name of Harry in one direction?

Styles, Harrys last name is Styles

What is harrys surname in One Direction?

Styles. Harry's last name is Styles (Harry Edward Styles).

What is one direction harrys star sign?

his name

What is harrys facebook name from one direction?

Harry Edward Styles

What is harrys last name one direction?

His real name is Harry Milward, but he is known professionally as Harry Styles.

What is Harrys nickname off of One Direction?

Hazza. :)

What is one direction harrys favorite juice?


When is harrys birthday One Direction?

february 1st 1994

What is harrys surname from one direction?

Styles :) x

What is Harrys from one direction zip code?

no one gives info like that

When is harrys b-day one direction?

1st of February (1994)

Where are One Direction on 17th August?

at harrys house giving them blowies