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forest green

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Q: What is kevin's favorite color?
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What is Kevin Mchale from nlt favorite color?

kevins favorate color is Royal Blue

Kevins favorite pizza topping?

His favorite topping is Olives

What is kevins favorite word?

Homo. As in, your a homo. Get a life.

What color is Kevins toothbrush?

it's purple

What is Kevins Jonas fav color?


Kevins jonas's favorite sport?

it is definitly football. his favorite team is the patriots

In the book Freak the Mighty who was Kevins favorite superhero?


What is kevins jonass favorite ice cream?

Rocky Road

What color is Kevin Jonas' bedroom?

Kevins bedroom is White.

Frankie Jonas Favorite color?

Nick Jonas' favorite color is blue. Joe Jonas' favorite color is blue, and Kevin Jonas' favorite color is green. Joe is hot and Miley is NOT

Is Kevin Jonas' favourite food pizza?

kevins favorite food is sushi.

What is Kevin Jonas' favorite sport?

=== === kevins favorite sport is basketball!!!!!!!