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6 beats per measure

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Q: What is meant by the upper number 6 in the time signature?
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What does the upper number in a musical time signature tell?

The top number indicates the number of beats per measure.

In a musical time signature the upper number tells what?

The top number indicates the number of beats per measure.

Top number of a time signature means?

The number of beats in the bar.

How would one play a piece of music whose time signature contains only one number?

I don't believe there is such a thing as a time signature with only one number!

What is The bottom number in this time signature means?

quarter note

What does 5 3 time signatures mean?

5/3 on a time signature does not exist. you cannot have an odd number at the bottom of a time signature there is no such note value of 3

What does the bottom number in a time signature mean?

The bottom number in a time signature is the denominator of the fraction denoting the note value that gets the beat. So if the bottom number in the time signature is a four, imagine it's the bottom of a fraction with a numerator of 1. 1/4 is a quarter, so the quarter note gets the beat.

How much is a 93-94 upper deck Michael Jordan signature moves hang time card worth?

Dont no

What determins the number of beats grouped in each measure?

Time Signature

What time signature contains a four as the top number?

A 4 at the top of a time signature indicates that there are 4 beats in the bar of what ever the bottom number is in the time signature. For example in 4/4 times there is 4 quarter note beats. In 4/8 there is 4 eighth note beats.

How many beats does a eighth get?

it gets 6/8 beats

The numbers written after the clef symbol refer to the?

This is the time signature. The top number signifies the beats per measure, and the bottom number signifies the type of note that gets one beat.