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It varies dependent on the materials and dimensions used. Generally it's only a few grams.

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Guitar Picks are usually the size of a big toe. (as in: an ADULT-sized big toe. XD)

Their also generally the same shape. ;P

anyway, hope this helped,


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Q: What is size of guitar picks?
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Franktown cheats in guitar picks?

there is not any cheats for guitar picks quest but there are hints that might help.

Where can personalized guitar picks be purchased?

There are many places that offer customized guitar picks and they aren't not too expensive. Personalized picks can be purchased from Personalize Your Items, Clayton Custom Guitar Picks, InTuneGP, and many other websites.

Where can you get avenged sevenfold guitar picks?

There is a huge variety of picks on EBay that are really cheap. :)

What is a real guitar picks name?


Where are guitar picks located?

you can go to your local guitar shop. they are 5Cents a peice for them.

Who invented the guitar pick?

The first plastic guitar picks were made in 1922 by a company named D'Andrea Picks. Their picks were made from a tortoise shell-like celluloid. Before plastic picks, the guitar picks were made of cuttle-bone, ivory, metal, wood, amber, stone, or tortoise shell.

What does 71 mean for guitar picks size?

I believe that refers to the thickness of the pick. A 71 in that context probably means .71 mm thick.

Why do you need guitar picks to play a guitar?

For better sounding and to reduce pain of the hand

Where are guitar picks exported to?

guitar pic shops i guess ... written by sophia webber :)

Where can one find more information about guitar plectrums?

You can find more information about guitar plectrums or picks at the Wikipedia page devoted to them. You can also find personal reviews of picks at websites such as Ultimate-Guitar.

Where can I design guitar picks?

You can design your own custom guitar picks at fender dot com. They have the tools you need to pick out and design them. Once finished you can order them and delivered to you.

What to engrave on personalized guitar picks?

initials, symbols, or phase