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to give teenage boys boners, but it didnt work on me because i like my women how i like my coffee, not black...

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Q: What is the aim of the song super bass?
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What is the song by Nicki minaj that song about barbie?

super bass? you got that super bass boom ba doom boom:)

What kind of song was the Super Bass?

It is a love song

Is Nikki minaj's song called super bass with a short A or super bass with a long A?

It's pronounced 'base' as in the 'bass' from a subwoofer, not 'bass' as in the fish. If you actually listen to the song you can hear her pronounce it as 'base' (Obviously spelt as 'bass', but with the long A sound.)

What is Nikki minaj favorite song?

Her favorite song is Super Bass.

What is the album name of the song boom bass by Nicki Minaj?

because it is part of her new song super bass

What is a modern song for a girl to sing?

Super bass

What is Nicki Minaj's song after super bass?

No Sound

Who sings the song Super Bass?

Nicki Minaj

Is the song 'super bass' on pink friday?


Who was the composer of the song super bass?

It was Nicki Minaj.

Where can find notes to the song of super bass?

How many words are in the song super bass?