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His full name was Ludwig van Beethoven.

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Ludwig van beethoven

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Ludwig van Beethoven

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Q: What is the first name of legendary 18th century German composer beethoven?
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What is the first name of legendary 18th-century German composer beethoven?

Ludwig van Beethoven

Was Beethoven a German composer?

yes, Beethoven was German composer

What was the nationality of the composer Beethoven?

He was a German

Which german composer was totally deaf as an adult?

Ludwig van Beethoven

Who was the french romantic composer that lost his hearing?

The only famous romantic composer to lose his hearing was German, not French. His name was Ludwig von Beethoven.

What instrument is needed to play Beethoven's music?

One will need instruments like a piano, an organ and a violin to play Beethoven's music. Ludwig van Beethoven was a German pianist and a composer who was born on December 16, 1770.

Which German composer who lived from 1770-1827 and became totally deaf as an adult?

beethoven im not sure but he was deaf and did live in that time period

Is beethoven french?

No, Beethoven is German.

Who was Ludwig von beethoven?

One of the most famous German composers who lived in 18th and died in 19th century.

19 century German composer conductor Richard?

Richard Strauss was a composer and conductor born in Munich in 1864. More information is available on the link below.

What was Beethoven's nationality?

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn and was therefore German.

Which famous German composer went deaf before he wrote some of his most famous music?

Ludwig van Beethoven began going deaf at the age of 28.