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Watch the movie by the same name and it will be OBVIOUS.

ANSWEROr just listen to the song! She is singing about her respect for a black teacher who taught her and her classmates the real meaning of love. It is much deeper than that. I agree, watch the movie.

Lulu is singing about their teacher, a black man, who "took them from crayons to perfume", taught them right from wrong, and how do they repay him for all he has done for them. It was a reversal in the social chain where these kids were ghetto and he was educated. Listen to the song and watch the flick...both are great.


One of the sub-plots in the movie, To Sir With Love, is the "sexual tension" that exists between the teacher and one of his students. So the song also deals with the idea that the student could only "give" herself to him in a platonic sense. Lulu is singing on behalf of all the students who "grew up" under the teacher's supervision, but could not express it any other way.

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Q: What is the meaning behind the song 'To Sir With Love' by Lulu?
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