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Dies irae

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Q: What is the most powerful part of the requiem mass?
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Who composer Pie Jesu?

"Pie Jesu" is a section of the "Dies irae," which is part of the Requiem Mass. It's been set to music hundreds of times by dozens of composers. The most famous version is that written by Gabriel Faure.

What is the music on the Five Minutes of Heaven?

It is the first part from Mozarts Requiem, and is called Introitus

Why did Salieri commission a Requiem Mass from Mozart?

Salieri did not commission the Requiem, nor did he help Mozart write it down. It was commissioned anonymously by Count Franz von Walsegg, to commemorate the anniversary of his wife's death. Mozart died before it was finished. It was completed, based in part on Mozart's fragments, by Joseph von Eybler and Franz Xavier Sussmayr.

What wrote Pie Jesu?

"Pie Jesu" is part of the Requiem Mass and setting have been composed by many musicians. The one you are probably thinking of is a separate composition by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Other settings by Gabriel Faure and Verdi have also been popular from time to time.

When did Mozart write the Hostias?

1791. He wrote initial violin part, then just the vocal and organ parts subsequently. It is the last piece of music that he had any personal input in as he died shortly thereafter (the Quam olim fugue was also written mainly by Mozart). The orchestration for Hostias as well as the Sanctus and Agnus Dei movements for the Requiem were completed by Franz Süssmayr who was a student of Mozart's. The final part of the Requiem which Mozart completed in its entirety was the Confutatis movement as well as the first 8 bars of the Lacrimosa (the part which ends with "Judicandus homo reus" for the first time).

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