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It was a self-titled band.

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Trumpet player in bb's band

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Q: What is the name of bb king's band?
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Who is the band leader of BB kings band?

BB King

Who is the drummer for bb kings band?

Tony Coleman

What was bb kings given name?

blues boy

What was bb kings wifes name?

sue carol hall

Is Wretches and Kings a Band Name?

No, it is not the name of a band. It is a song by Linkin Park which they released in 2010.

What is BB Kings real name?

Riley B King. Sorry, don't know what the B is for

What was the group name formed by 2 members of the band kottonmouth kings?


When was Kings Cross - band - created?

Kings Cross - band - was created in 2009.

What is bb kings schooling education?

High school drop out

Is the band crash kings a christian band?


What are BB kings musical accomplishments?

He invented the piano neck tie.

Are the Kings of Leon a Christian band?

No, Kings of Leon are not a Christian band. However, some of the members have Christian beliefs.