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The most interesting role the Oboe has in an orchestra is tuning. The oboe is the hardest instrument to tune and with it's piercing sound, it's ideal to tune to rest of the orchestra. The oboe often plays a solo role, it's capable of playing softly and sweetly on one hand, and on the other it can be piercing and harsh.

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Which instrument is sometimes used by a symphony orchestra to set the pitch for the other instruments in the orchestra

What instrument produces the highest pitch of all the woodwind instruments

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Q: What is the oboe used for in an orchestra?
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What orchestra does the oboe belong to?

The oboe is used in every symphony orchestra just like a violin or viola.

What instruments is used to tune the orchestra?

The oboe

Is the oboe in the orchestra?

Yes, oboe is responsible for tuning the orchestra.

What section of the orchestra does the oboe belong?

In an orchestra, the oboe belongs to the woodwind section.

Which instrument is sometimes used by a symphony orchestra to set the pitch for the other instruments in the orchestra?


Which member of the woodwind family does the orchestra tune to?

Bassoon In some other orchestra's the Oboe is used for this purpose.

Is the oboe an orchestra instrument or a band instrument?

the oboe is used in about all categories of of musical groups...even in marching bands. and yes, oboes are in the orchestra, and band as well.

What is the position of the oboe of an orchestra?

The oboe tunes the whole orchestra at the beginning of a rehearsal and on the actual performance. The oboe is situated in the middle of the Woodwind section

What is the tunning note of a oboe?

The oboe tunes the orchestra on concert A.

Which instrument does a orchestra tune too?

A standard symphony orchestra can tune to three different members: the principal oboe, the concertmaster, or the solo pianist. The oboist is used to tune whenever there is an oboe in the orchestra, the concertmaster is used whenever there isn't an oboe, and the pianist/keyboardist will play the tuning note if he or she is the soloist for the evening.

When was the oboe first used in the orchestra?

Either late 1600s or early 1700s.

Which instrument does the orchestra tune to?


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