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Tango has many different rhythms. American tango uses a simplified set rhythm in what is called the basic step: Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick Slow.

There are various "advanced patterns" in American Tango that use different fixed rhythms, for example:

Slow,Slow, Quick Quick --- Slow, Slow Quick, Quick Slow

Slow, Slow Quick, Quick, Quick Slow

Quick,Quick,Quick,Quick, Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick Slow

Argentine tango is very flexible and has no set rhythm at all. The leader is free to improvise and dance any rhythm that fits the music. He can suddenly pause and hold a position for dramatic effect. Leader and follower need not even dance the same rhythm! Often the follower will be dancing all slows and the leader will do a double time step. In Argentine tango the leader may be stepping with the left foot while the follower also steps with the left foot. In American tango, this is usually considered incorrect unless the leader is dancing side-by-side (facing the same direction as the follower)

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