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Q: What is the youngest that Zayn Malik would date?
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What is the youngest Zayn Malik date?

The youngest age he would date is no younger than a 14 year old.

Does Zayn Malik date Muslim?

Yes he would date a muslim

Which shoe size is zain malik?

Does Zayn Malik like girls with black hair?. Would Zayn Malik date a girls with his kind of skin?.

Would Zayn Malik date a girl named nada?

Zayn would date anyone as long as he loves her and she loves him :)

How young would Zayn Malik date a girl?


Would Zayn Malik date a fat girl?


Would Zayn Malik date a 15 year old?


Would Zayn Malik date a 12 year old?

lol no

Would Zayn Malik ever date a black woman?

yea he would date a black women :)

Would Liam Payne date a 16 year old?

Well he has a girlfriend right now, but rumor has it that the youngest that Harry, Niall, and Liam would date is 14. The youngest Zayn would date is 16, and the youngest Louis would date is 17. But Zayn and Louis also have girlfriends.

Can Zayn Malik can date Mexican?

He can date who he wants!

How much younger would Zayn Malik date a girl?

3 Years Younger