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The star sometimes appears brighter,

and at some other time, fainter, which is the twinkling effect.

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Q: What is twinkling effect?
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What effect causes twinkling of stars?


What causes twinkling?

The gas in the atmosphere slightly distorts light coming from outer space, causing a slight rippling of the starlight. This gives a twinkling effect.

Why does calcite show twinkling effect?

Calcite has a uniaxial indicatrix with a ellipsoid shape. The two permitted vibration directions (transmitting the ordinary and extraordinary rays), cause twinkling to be observed on rotation.

What is the past continuous tense of twinkling?

Was/Were twinkling.

In the word twinkling lights which word has the short I sound?


Is twinkling of stars caused by reflaction?

twinkling of stars is caused by refraction

Why some stars are twinkling not others?

If it is not twinkling then it is likely to be a planet you are seeing.

How do you stop twinkling Christmas lights from twinkling?

Buy lights that don't twinkle.

Is twinkling a verb?

Yes, the word 'twinkling' is a verb; the present participle, present tense of the verb 'to twinkle'. The present participle of the verb is also an adjective and a gerund, a verbal noun. Examples:Verb: The first star was twinkling at dusk.Adjective: Twinkling lights adorned the trees along the street.Noun: I could tell she was pleased by the twinkling in her eye.

What is the location of a star when it twinkles a lot?

Outerspace ... the twinkling effect happens when observing the star(s) through earth's atmosphere. If you were in space, they would not twinkle.

Are there any sentences that use the word twinkling?

Yes, your sentence - Is there any sentences using twinkling. I smiled up at the twinkling stars, then slipped into my two-man tent on Brokeback Mountain. ----

Why do stars appear twinkling?

Stars appear to be twinkling due to refraction of light in air at different temperatures.

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