What is wanted means?

Updated: 11/24/2022
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Q: What is wanted means?
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Is the sentence she wanted him to remain silently grammatically incorrect?

Not technically, but it means something different than you might think. "She wanted him to remain silently." means that she wanted him to stay where he was while being silent. "She wanted him to remain silent." means that she wanted him to continue to be silent, regardless of location.

What does highly favored means?

Most wanted; Wanted more than others

Hitler and his means and destruction?

Hitler wanted to destroy all Jews,no matter the cost.His means were intentional,he wanted to have power over all of Germany.He,himself,was a Jew...but he wanted to be a German.The destruction,was done.Jews in concentration camps.

What was the tattoo Kendall Jenner wanted?

She wanted to get "vous êtes belle", which means "you are beautiful" in French on the back of her neck.

What is the meaning of to meet demand?

Demand means what is needed or wanted. If you meet that, you produce or supply as much as is needed or wanted.

What is the Chinese meaning for I am wanted?

It means the same in Chinese as it does in English

What explains what Thoreau means when he says he wanted to live deliberately?

He wanted to experience each moment of his life as fully as possible.

What does this quote means if wishes were horses beggars would ride?

Essentially this means that if everyone got what they wanted simply by wishing for it, then there would be no need to work for it. Everyone would have everything they needed or wanted.

What does a lip piercing mean on a guy?

It means that he wanted a lip piercing :)

What is the look in The Fault in our Stars?

it means that augustus wanted to have some "fun" ;)

Meaning of bengali word ipshita?

IPSITA means wanted or wished

The group that wanted the state to own all means of produstion was the?