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Bella Thorne: Christian

Zendaya: Jewish

Miley Cyrus: Christian

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shes catholic

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Q: What is zendaya Coleman's religion?
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What is zendaya Colemans middlename?


Who is zendaya Colemans noyfriend?

She does not have a boufriend

What is zendaya grandma name?

Zendaya colemans grandmothers name is ,Daphne. :)

Is zendaya Colemans father a filipino?

No, Zendaya is not Filipina.

Who is zendaya colemans mummy?

katelin coleman

Who is zendaya colemans daddy?

ryan coleman

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What is Zendaya Colemans songs?

"watch me" and " swag it out

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Where is zendaya Colemans mom from?

Okland, she stil there and zendaya live now at l.a

What is zendaya Coleman's dad's name?

Zendaya Colemans dads name is Kazembe Ajamu

Is zendaya colemans favorite color blue?