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If you are referring to jessica jarrell, she is mixed with African American, Caucasian, and Irish. But her and Diggy are not dating at the moment. They dated in 2010 and they broke it off the same year. They decided they were better friends.

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Q: What nationality is diggy simmons girlfriend?
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How many girlfriend do diggy simmons have?


Did diggy simmons really kiss that girl in that new video?

Diggy Simmons Really did kiss that girl and thats his ew girlfriend

Is diggy simmons seeing anyone?

Well... Diggy does not have a girlfriend but I'm not sure if he is seeing anyone.

Can you see a picture of diggy simmons girlfriend?

no cause she is never seen .

What is diggy real name?

diggy's real name is Daniel Dwayne Simmons III

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yes yes diggy simmons have a girlfriend i am his girlfreind

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no he does not

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Diggy Simmons? No, not that I know of.

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Does diggy simmons have girlfriend?

Not at the moment no

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Does Diggy Simmons have a girlfriend?

Diggy Simmons has been linked to Jessica Jarrell in the past and most recently Destiny Thompson.

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No she did not

Who is diggy simmons secret girlfriend?

jessica jarrell