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It is Bach's music . It was just made into a pop song in the 60s

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Bach dedicated himself primarily to the composition of

Why was the basso continuo important in the Baroque era

When did the Baroque era take place

What is the major difference between aria and recitative

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Q: What piece did Bach play in Lover's Concerto?
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What is the piece of Cello music used in the Chase commercials?

prelude to a bach concerto its very commonly played, almost every cellist will play it in their career..................

Any good songs to play on a violin?

My recommendations would be Vocalise, vitali chaconne, bach chaconne, bach e major violin concerto, tchaikovsky violin concerto, praeludium and allegro, debussy violin and piano sonata, paganini's 24 caprices, any of Bach's partitas, etc. Want more?

What is the most famous bassoon piece?

Hard to say....Piece most popular to play by bassonists might be:Mozart Bassoon Concerto in Bb Major K. 191

What Beethoven concerto did Juliek play in the book Night?

Violin concerto in D major

When was Games That Lovers Play created?

Games That Lovers Play was created in 1970.

What role does the harpsichord play in concerto no 5?

What combination of ritornello and concertino do you hear in Brandenburg concerto no 5

What does bach mean?

The musical notes, actually. In the time of JS Bach, "H" in the score sounded B-Natural. There is a piece for organ on "the theme of bach" which refers to the written notes on the music staff ... If can play the notes on a piano: B-flat, then A-natural, then C-natural and finally B-natural, you will have played this "bach" theme.

What famous music was written for the french horn?

If you are looking for a well known piece that is fun to play, I would suggest Ricard Strauss's Concerto 1, movement 3.

What does tom play IN the cat concerto?

He plays the violin

What was Johann Sebastian Bach's favorite instrument to play?

bach's favorite instermint

What is the similarities between a concerto and concerto grosso?

In both a small group of instruments play apart from an orchestra on the same stage.

What instrument did bach play?


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