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Q: What record labels are looking for singers?
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Which record labels are looking for new talent?

the music company

How do you sing great if you can only sing okay?

Get Pro Tools. All the crappy singers with big record labels use it.

Are there any talented singers looking for a record deal?

YES ONE PERSON IS ME!!! : ) (lovepink517)

Did the Edwin Hawkins singers record a song titled 'This Day'?

Their hit was "Oh Happy Day", could that be what you are looking for?

What record labels has Sean Garrett worked for?

Sean Garrett has had a very successful career in the music industry. He has worked for multiple record labels. These record labels are Columbia Records and Bet I Penned It.

When was Australian Independent Record Labels Association created?

Australian Independent Record Labels Association was created in 1996.

How do singers make money off their album?

From the sale of there CD's.... (not from illegal downloads.. lol ) Who ever said that is an idiot. Recording artists on major record labels usually make 10% and sometimes 15% of the retail sale price of their album. Sometimes a certain percent of that will be given to the producer of the record. The record label then takes 85 to 90% of each product sold, the label will then recoup the cost of the recording and production cost which they front to the artist. Artists on independent record labels can receive as much as 50% of the product sold at retail price. It isn't uncommon for artists to go into debt to their record label. CDs basically give the artist exposure and is not a revenue source. Artists make most of their money from touring and merchandise which the record label typically isn't involved.

Can you give me the address for RCA records Tennman records and Columbia records?

you should be able to find the addresses of the record labels that you mentioned in your question by looking at the back of the Cd jewel cases, LP jackets, or cassette cases that you have pertaining to those labels. failing that , type in the name of a particular record label . this should provide you with the information that you are looking for.

What is the birth name of LTJ Bukem?

LTJ Bukem was born as Danny Williamson. He is famous as a DJ, music producer, drum and bass musician, and for his record labels Good Looking and Looking Good.

What is that Daddy Kev's record labels?

Daddy Kev's record labels include, Mush Records, Celestial recordings, and Alpha Pup records.

What do major record labels have in common with independent record labels?

They both make and sell sound recordings.

What major record labels are not affiliated with the Illuminati?

As the Illuminati no longer exist no labels are affiliated