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olly murs told the prudocer's of X factor is Baptist

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No he is an atheist.

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Q: What religion is Olly Murs?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Olly Murs Revealed - 2010?

The cast of Olly Murs Revealed - 2010 includes: Olly Murs as Olly Murs

What was olly murs is first album?

Self titled Olly Murs

Were does olly murs come from?

Olly Murs is from Croydon, London.

Was olly murs good in school?

No Olly murs was naughty in school

What county is olly murs from?

Greater London.

What is Olly Murs's birthday?

Olly Murs was born on May 14, 1984.

When is the birth of olly murs?

Olly Murs was born on the 14 of May 1984.

Who did Olly Murs live with?

Olly murs lived with his familynow he lives with his gf

What language is Olly Murs?

Olly Murs is English. He is from Essex in the South of England.

When did Olly Murs start singing?

Olly murs Started singing when he was 12.

What is olly murs favorite coular?

olly murs favorite coular is red

Is Olly Murs world famous?

Yes, Olly Murs is world famous.