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The Greatest American Hero

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Q: What sHow is used believe it or not as theme song?
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What television show used Stuck in the Middle With You as its theme song?

In the movie Reservoir Dogs, the song was used as a theme song, but its not a television show.

Who used 'smile' as a theme song?

It was used as the theme song on The Jerry Lewis Show from 1967-69.

What song did they get the theme song for the Cleveland show?

The Cleveland Show Original Theme was composed by Walter Murphy, it wasn't used from a song, it was made from scratch!

What is the theme song used in the episodes of The Hardy Show?

the name of the song is Hurt by Rapture

What is the theme song to the Pokemon cartoon?

Pokemon is a very musical show, featuring 16 theme songs. The first theme song, "Aim to be a Pokemon Master " was used for the first 83 episodes. "Lets Join Hands" is the current theme song for the show.

What old TV show used Puffin Billy for a theme song?

Captain Kangaroo's theme song was Edward White's "Puffin Billy".

Who sings brian kendrick's theme song i want the right answer?

Its a production theme.... No idea who does it, but its a free use theme song. Or it could be the song that I believe was used in Moulin Rogue. I know the song is atleast close to that song. wll his old one anyway

What tv show's theme song did maybelline's falsies commercial used to be?

Magnum pi

What UK tv show used our house by madness theme song?

The show was called Dodger, Bonzo and the Rest :)

Is the theme song for pretty little liers made for the show?

no it wasnt hannah was the one who sugessted they used that song because it suited the show pretty well, so the song was not written for the show.

Who sings rob van dam tna theme song?

Rob Van Dam's TNA theme song is sung by Kushinator.

Was there a tv show that used heart and soul as it's theme song?

The song Heart and Soul by T'Pau was never used in a TV show. It was however used in a commercial for Pepe jeans which made it famous.