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Delbert said, "Just blow, son. You're good at that".

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Q: What tips did Delbert McClinton give John Lennon on how to play harmonica?
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Who recorded come together after the beatles?

Aerosmith Micheal Jackson John Lennon Elton John Tom Jones Joe Cocker Tina Turner Diana Ross The Supremes The definitive cover of "Come Together" is probably Delbert McClinton's version. It is fitting that McClinton recorded it because his harmonica playing on Bruce Chanell's "Hey! Baby" in the early 60's inspired Lennon to play harmonica on "Love Me Do." If you watch McClinton's video for "Come Together," look for a picture of Delbert with the Beatles when they toured together in England.

How did john Lennon learn to play the harmonica?

John Lennon was given a harmonica by his uncle George when he was a child, and after his uncle's death began to teach himself. Having played harmonica through early Beatles gigs, John developed his technique in 1962 when the Beatles were on tour with Bruce Channel, and Bruce's harmonica player Delbert McClinton's gave John some tips which influenced John's playing on the Beatles' debut single 'Love Me Do'.

Who played the harmonica in The Beatles?

John Lennon played the harmonica.

What was the model or brand of harmonica used by John Lennon?


What key was John Lennon's harmonica?

Lennon had harmonicas in several keys, to play songs in different keys.

What was John Lennon good at?

john Lennon was good at singing, guitar, piano, harmonica, banjo, mellotron,6 string bass, percussion, recorder

Did John Lennon play more than one instrument?

yes guitar, harmonica, and piano

What did john lennon play in The Beatles?

He mainly played guitar, harmonica and he occasionally played the keyboard.

What instument did john lennon play in the beatles?

He mainly played guitar, harmonica and he occasionally played the keyboard.

What did john Lennon play on the beatles?

Vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, bass, tambourine, banjo, organ

What has the author John Delbert White written?

John Delbert White has written: 'Roses and rhubarb'

Where did John Lennon get the harmonica he used in Love Me Do?

He shoplifted it from a Dutch store on his way to tour with the rest of the Silver Beatles in Hamburg, Germany.

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