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The Cherokee with an automatic has the AW4 transmission.

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โˆ™ 2012-12-18 12:31:08
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Q: What transmission does the 1996 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 L have?
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What kind of engine oil does a 99 Jeep Cherokee use?


What is the Spark plug gap for a 1994 jeep Cherokee 4.0?

.35 to .40

What is the engine coolant water mix for a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lerado?

50 50 coolant is what i use- would suggest no more han a 60 40 mix.

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1988 Jeep Cherokee with a 40?

The engine computer is the voltage regulator.

What is the best kind of oil to use on a jeep grand Cherokee year 2000?


Can you use 10 40 oil in your Jeep Cherokee 1990 with 178000 mile on it?

This is not advised. Use 10w30.

How much would it cost to repair a blown head gasket on a Jeep Cherokee?

The exact cost to repair a blown head gasket on a Jeep Cherokee varies. It should run between 20 and 40 dollars.

Should you get your Jeep Cherokee fixed at a dealer?

Depends on your skills as a mechanic, your tools, and the problem. Some of them you have to Chad in all honesty NO. well you can if you want to pay an extra 40% any private shop can work on a jeep Cherokee

What is the normal oil pressure for a 2016 Jeep Cherokee 2.4 engine?

A full operating temperature it will be around 40 psi.

What is the correct tire pressure for a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

40 psi is about right Check the sticker in the drivers door jamb.

What are the cylinder head torque specs and sequence on a Jeep Cherokee 4.0 engine?

The Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter engine cylinder had torque specifications are 120 pounds per square inch. The cylinder head bolts should be torqued at 40 pound intervals.

What is the fuel pressure on a 1994 jeep grand cherokee laredo?

40 psi plus or minus 540 psi plus or minus 5

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