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Archimedes and Boris (;

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Q: What was Liam's from One Direction turtle named?
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What is Liams favourite sport in one direction?

Boxing :)

When is liams birhtday from One Direction?

August 29th

What is liams girlfriends name from one direction?

Danielle Peazer

What is liams second name out of one direction?

Its payne x

What is Zayn and liams from one direction nickname when they are together?

it is "Ziam"

What is liams out of one direction favorite movie?

Toy Story x

What is liams favorite move in one direction?

Any Disney movie really

What is liams favourite sport from one direction?

He likes running and boxing

What is liams favorited sport of one direction?

All of One Direction's favourite sport is football

What is Liams full name from one direction boy band?

Liam James Payne :D

Who is liams best friend out off one direction?

probably Harry i don't no why but you wanted an answer i gave you one :L

What is something about Liam Payne in One Direction?

Liams full name is: Liam James Payne. He is dating Danielle Peazer.