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It was I Want You Back with the Jackson 5. And his Off The Wall album as a solo artist

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Q: What was Michael jacksons first big break?
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Who was wearing the big black hat in Michael Jacksons funeral?

Both Rebbie and LaToya (his sisters) were wearing big black hats.

What was the first song the jacksons made?

Their first song was "Big Boy" , it was released in January, 1968.

What were Michael Jacksons problems in life?

he had a big butt which made him have cancer and his butt popped and then made him the king of pop. Mike you should have kept your big butt!

Who of Michael jacksons brothers told the media that he could have been as big as Michael?

Jermaine Jackson is my final answer i honestly dont know , but i doubt any of his brothers could be as famous as Michael Jackson

Did Michael jacksons and Diana ross loved each other?

He loved her and wanted to marry her, she probably had a big sister/motherly love for him.

What does it mean to have a big break?

A big break is a breakthrough, especially the first big hit of a previously unknown performer.

When did the jacksons release big boy?


What was Michael first song?

big love

What was Michael Jackson's first record?

Big Boy

What was Michael Jacksons first hit song to hit the charts?

His first big hit with The Jackson 5 was "I Want You Back" in 1969, which hit #1. As a solo artist, his first song was "Got To Be There" in 1971 which hit an impressive #4, but the next year, his song "Ben" reached #1.

When Lil Wayne get their first big break?


What song did Michael Jackson sing first?

big boy