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Q: What was Selena Quintanilla neice an nephew names'?
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If you have a uncle what are you for him?

You would be a neice or nephew, neice if a girl and nephew if a guy.

What is relationship name sisters son?

Neice or nephew no dummy its nephew

What is niece and nephew in Gujarati?

neice is bhatrji in gujarati nephew is bhatrija in gujarati

What are they to you brothers grandchildren?

great nephews and neices because if they were just your brothers kids they would be nephew and neice but because its ur bros grand children its a generation older than just nephew and neice so it GREAT nephew and neice. Hope this helps-megan

What would you call your brother's daughter and son?

your nephew or neice

What is a female uncle called?

The female nephew is called the neice.

What is the opposite gender of the nephew?


If my sister had a baby what is it to me?

if she has a boy, then its a nephew. its she has a girl its a niece.

What do you call your nephew's children?

Your nephew's child is your great niece (if a girl) or your great nephew (if a boy).

What is Name of relation with brother daughter?

If The Child Is A Girl = Neice If The Child Is A Boy = Nephew

What do your sisters child call you?

Niece if it's a female, and nephew if it's a male.

What relation status is my sister's son to me?

Your sister's son is your nephew.