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The jazz age.

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Q: What was the given name to the 1920's based on the popularity of jazz music?
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Syncopated style of music created by blacks that attained national popularity to the 1920s?

the answer is Jazz.

Syncopated style of music created by blacks that attained national popularity in the 1920s?


Jazz Age?

Name for the 1920s, because of the popularity of jazz-a new type of American music that combined African rhythms, blues, and ragtime

Music in the 1920s?

Basically, the music in the 1920s was Jazz with the famous artist Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

What other music trend in the 1920s?

Jazz, ragtime, and the rise of Broadway musicals led the music trends of the 1920s.

What type of music was listened to in the 1920s?

jazz music rally

How was jazz music used in the 1920s?


What genre of music best represents upbeat music of 1920s?

Jazz and Blues

Other popular music in 1920s?

A few of the most popular songs in the 1920s was Sonny Boy, See See Rider Blues, and King Porter Stomp. The most popular type of music during the 1920s was jazz.

How does the popularity of radio music compare to other forms of entertainment?

Radio music has large number of listeners and is continually growing in popularity. It has grown in popularity, as many individuals listen to the radio on their phone, in the car and at work.

What was a good name for a music column in the 1920s?

All That Jazz

What heritage grew out of jazz music in the 1920s?

native american