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It is unpossible to find photos of Nicki Minaj, Or perhaps trying

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Q: What website do you go to find Nicki minaj naked?
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Does Nicki Minaj have a disease?

Yes...In A Way.... Nicki Minaj or Real Name Onika Tanya Mara who was born in a troubled home started making up characters as a way to get away from it all. Like a second identity in normal life that would be considered a disorder (Dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder) check it out if you want it is a disorder. Well if you know Nicki she has some 'alter egos' such as Roman Zolanski, Martha Zolanski, oh yeah and Nicki Minaj yes she is her own alter ego…Well Nicki Minaj is Onika alter ego so well Nicki isn't really real. But Believe me Nicki is…One of a kind she very different I guess that's what makes her well her. If You Actually Think about it some stars have 'alter ego's' as well Beyonce's is Sasha Fierce and Eminem is Slim shady but no one really realises (or maybe they do) that having another character or identity isn't actually normal. Most people even find it cool but really how would you feel if you were friends with one of those people (not meaning the famous ones) one day their one person the next they're someone else…uh Weird! I hope that help WOW I TYPE WAAAY TOO MUCH!

Is Nikki minaj bi?

Nikki minaj ain't lesbian bi she like and loves dudes go 2 you-tube look up Nikki minaj still i rise u will find your answer PS look for one with lyricsyes Niki is bisexual not lesbian, not straight I know from watching several minaj interviews. Though it is not certain which is her preference. though 1 thing is for certain SHE IS JEALOUS.

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One can find the lyrics to The Llama Song on just about any lyrics website available. Specifically you may find these lyrics on Burton Earny (the composer of this song)'s website.

What are the name of the songs on drake new album?

The songs that are on thank me later are: Fireworks(ft. Alicia Keys), Karaoke, the Resistance, Over, Show Me a Good Time, Up All Night(ft. Nicki Minaj), Fancy(ft.T.I. and Swizz Beatz), Shut It Down(ft. The Dream), Unforgettable(ft. Young Jeezy), Light Up(ft. Jay-Z), Miss Me(ft. Lil Wayne), Ceces Interlude, Find Your Love, and Thank Me Know.

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