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You must provide the serial number or call Browning.

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Q: What year was your browing trombone made serial?
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How can you tell what year your browing A5 was made?

By the serial number

What year was the first 16 gauge Sweetsixteen browing made and what did the serial no start?

1936, you will have to call Browning

What year was browing sweet 16 made serial number s45926? has sn data under customer service.

What year was browing 270 serial number 107nw31255 manufactured?


What year was a browing shotgun with a serial number of 77000 made?

What model of browning shotgun are we talking about?I would need to know along with the serial number to date your shotguns year of manufacture.

What year was this browing 16 gauge shotgun serial number 91006 made? has a sn function under customer service.

What year was a 16ga browing made with the serial number 2870?

Browning has sn tables on their web site located under customer service.

What year was your browning shotgun made with serial number 104874?

With the various models made by Browing the last 100 years or so, there is no way to tell without a detailed description of what you have.

What year was your browning trombone 22 pump made serial number 123414?

Need a detailed description of all markings.

What year was a Belgian made browing 12 gauge serial number 155653 manufactured?

go to, select customer service, select date your firearm.

What year was 235670 browing auto 5 shot gun made?

It was made in 1946

What is the year of browing light 12 serial number 97754? has a sn function under customer service.