What's your favourite football team

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Matteo Kunze

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4y ago

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Man u are certainly the worst team in history,liverpool are better

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Ladarius Brekke

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2y ago
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Q: What's your favourite football team
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What is Jamie oliver favourite football team?

football team

What is mattyb favorite football team?

Matty B favourite football team is the Braves

What was roalds favourite football team?


Whats Edmonton Oilers?

Mr. S Bossert's favourite team

What was Benito mussolinis favourite football team?

Lazio !

Which is Virat Kohli's favourite football team?

Real Madrid is Virat Kohli's favorite football (soccer) team.

What is Ashley Tisdale's favourite football team?

eminem's favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys

Whats the formed for every football team?

team captians are formed on every team

What is the world's favourite national football team?

England of course

Who is your least favourite football team?

The New England Patriots!

What is Meghan martins favourite football team?

shefield united

What is cheryl coles favourite football team?

chelsea is hers