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There are many places where one can find the total number of songs performed by The Rolling Stones. One can find this information on the bands Wikipedia entry.

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Q: Where can one find the total numbers of songs sung by the Rolling Stones?
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How many Rolling Stones have there been?

Recently I have carefully used my calculator to add together the number of shows from the 60's to 2007 from the Wikipedia article on The Rolling Stones list of tours. It's actually 1,584. And indeed, The Rolling Stones have worked extremely hard to become one of the world's greatest musical attractions.

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What group succeeded The Beatles as Britain's most popular group in a 1970 poll?

The Hollies. The Hollies had a total of 20 top forty UK singles, compared to The Rolling Stones (who had 16, or 19 if you want to count EP's). The Rolling Stones did, however, have more number one hits in the UK (10) than The Hollies (1). - Bridget

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How many members in all were in The Rolling Stones?

There have been 10 official members of the Rolling Stones in total. Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor and Ronnie Wood are the 7 most well known members of the band however, there were 3 other members who are less well known, they are: Ian Stewart, Dick Taylor and Tony Chapman. Darryl Jones has been the Stones bassist since Bill Wyman left but he is an unofficial member.

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Most Gold Albums:Elvis Presley - 82Barbra Streisand - 51The Beatles - 45The Rolling Stones - 42Neil Diamond - 40Most Platinum Albums:Elvis Presley - 45The Beatles - 39George Strait - 33Barbra Streisand - 30The Rolling Stones - 28Most Multi-Platinum Albums:TIE: Elvis Presley - 24 & The Beatles - 24Garth Brooks - 15Led Zeppelin - 14TIE: Barbra Streisand & George Strait - 13Most Total Sales: (Artist Certified Units in Millions)The Beatles - 170Garth Brooks - 128Elvis Presley - 120Led Leppelin - 111.5The Eagles - 100Please note that all of these numbers refer to US sales as certified by the RIAA only. Other countries do give out gold and platinum awards for sales numbers proportionate to the population of the country.

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