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You can buy Smooth Criminal shoes online at many stores. You can also purchase these shoes from many different shoe warehouses.

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Q: Where can you buy the smooth criminal shoes?
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Where can you get Michael Jackson smooth criminal style spats shoes here in Houston?

Those types of shoes aren't sold in stores because in the "Smooth Criminal" music video, Michael Jackson had shoes that he made himself and had a patent for. And will not be sold in stores anytime soon.

Is there a way to do the smooth criminal lean without any special effects or shoe clips or harnesses?

no... sorry Buy the shoes they might help Go on eBay they are $20.00 great Item number: 110432656613

How do they achieve the leaning dance in MJ's smooth criminal video?

They had holes/slots in there shoes and pegs in the stage so they can easily slip there shoes onto the pegs and it will hold. in the smooth criminal vid, one of the guys has trouble getting out of it (watch closely.

How can you download smooth criminal?

You go on iTunes store, type in Smooth Criminal in the upper right hand corner, then press buy on the song preview. (Once you fin you fave version)

What is the patent number for Michael Jackson moonwalk?

The moonwalk is not patented, the shoes that were made for the Smooth Criminal lean is the one that has a patent.

When was Smooth Criminal created?

Smooth Criminal was created in 1987-01.

How do you do the 45 degree lean like Michael Jackson?

You need the special shoes that MJ had made so he could do the lean in Smooth Criminal.

What are smooth soles and rough soles?

Point shoes (ballet) and tap shoes are examples of smooth-soled shoes.

How much is the smooth criminal shoe?

A smooth criminal shoe is about $80 in Australia and $35 in the UK.

Did Michael Jackson have magnets in his shoes for smooth criminal?

He did it with special shoes that quickly slid into pegs that rise out of the floor at just the right moment.Also helping the effect were rigid anklets,supporting him and his dancers as they leaned forward.*

Which is a better song Cheryl Cole Fight for this Love or Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal?

Smooth Criminal.

When should I buy my child new shoes?

You should but new shoes before the rubber soles starting to smooth or when you feel your child needs more foot space.