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u can normally buy them at radioshak

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Q: Where can you buy xmods?
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What is xmods website?

i think radioshack removed xmods website, but you can still buy xmods parts at or

When was XMODS created?

XMODS was created in 2003.

What xmods evolution mods can be used on xmods street series cars?


Will xmods return to radio shack?

In a nutshell, yes. They are returning as "Xmods Street"

Are xmods coming back to Canada?

no, Sorry.

Where do you get xmods in the Haute Garonne in France?


Where can one find new Xmods for games?

Xmods for video games can be difficult to come by, as they require customization of either physical components of a game system or of the game code itself. Most Xmods can be found by visiting online gamer forums, but these are technically illegal modifications to copyrighted hardware and/or software. Proceed with caution.

Xmod car or truck?

Any, Xmods are fun out of the box and can be competitive with a few aftermarket upgrades

Where can you find crystals for xmods?

You can find them online (they don't sell them in stores anymore). Usually you will find them at,, or

How many of the yellow Subaru xmods were made?

Well I don't have the certain amount but just get a subaru xmod (any color) and paint it yellow. :)

How do you make your xmods go faster?

Some of the easiest upgrades are thing such as a 6 cell upgrade, Lithium Ion, and Lithium Polymer. They increase voltage, hence speed. Another is upgrading the motor. A more powerful motor equals faster Xmods. After that, it's free game (i.e. brushless systems and hobbygrade ESC's) eat loads of pie

When are new xmod going to come out in stores?

There is no definite time when RadioShack releases their new Xmods. All there is to do is wait for RadioShack to put them onto the shelves.