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Anthony Kiedis was last spotted living in Los Angeles, California.

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Q: Where does Anthony kiedis live?
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What Religion is Anthony Kiedis?

Anthony Kiedis is Buddhist.

What is Anthony kiedis's birthday?

Anthony Kiedis was born on November 1, 1962.

What nicknames does Anthony Kiedis go by?

Anthony Kiedis goes by The Swan, and The Tuff Daddy.

What is Anthony kiedis's middle name?

Anthony Keidis hasn't got a middle name he was born Anthony Kiedis!! :)

How old is Anthony Kiedis?

Anthony Kiedis is 55 years old (birthdate: November 1, 1962).

What type of music does Anthony Kiedis write?

Anthony Kiedis writes funk rock and alternative rock. Anthony Kiedis is the lead singer for the American band, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Kiedis turned fifty years old last year.

You Anthony Kiedis a Natural Blonde?

No, Anthony Kiedis was born with brunette hair.

Who is the vocalist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Anthony Kiedis is the lead vocalist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Flea and Josh Klinghoffer are back up singers.

Does Anthony kiedis have a Facebook?

nope =/

Is Anthony kiedis dying?

It was said that Anthony Kiedis had health problems during last summer. Due to drug and alcohol abuse he faced a kidney problem. However nothing was confirmed. So I guess he's fine...Anthony Kiedis is not dying.

Is this heather Christie - Anthony kiedis's girlfriend httpgroupsmsncomantsgirlfoxysAnthonyk...1786?

Heather Christie and Anthony Kiedis were in a relationship for a few years and had a son together, Everly Bear Kiedis, but since the birth of their son they have split.

Does Anthony kiedis deliver flowers on roseanne?

No. That was Phil Buckman. Not Anthony.