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Hope Solo was born in Richland,Washington on July 30,1981

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hope solo plays soccer in goal.

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Q: Where does hope solo play?
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Did Hope Solo ever play basketball?

Hope Solo did play basketball and playing the sport in college was an idea she had along with being a field player in soccer

What sports does hope solo play?

soccer in goal

What team does hope solo play for?

Magic jack

What number is hope solo?

hope solo is number one

What team is Hope Solo on?

Hope Solo played for Magic Jack

What brand does hope solo sponsor?

Hope solo is sponsered by nike

When is Hope Solo's birthday?

Hope Solo was born on July 30, 1981.

Is hope solo lds?

Hope Solo has not released her religious affiliation to the public.

Who are hope solo's parents?

Jeffrey john solo and judy solo

How do you get your game to play solo in roblox?

sadly, the only way to play a game solo is to look at the game and see if it says 'play solo' to the right of the play button

Did hope solo play soccer as a child?

Yes, her parents set up goals at each end of her crib.

What is Hope Solo's sexual orientation?

Hope solo is a straight chick. A sexy straight chick.