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wich house do the Jonas brothers live the most

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 12:56:19
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Q: Which house do the Jonas Brothers live at the most?
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What is the specific city to where the Jonas Brothers live?

The Jonas Brothers have a house in Wyckoff, New Jersey, Los Angeles, California, and they recently bought a home in the Fort Worth area of Texas. So, there is no ONE place, they live in 3 places. I think they live the most in Los Angeles.

Do the Jonas Brothers have DVDs?

well if you mean do the Jonas brothers own any dvds then they most likely do. the dvds they star in is camp rock, camp rock 2, night at the museum 2 and Jonas brothers live concert.

What is the Jonas Brothers tour going to be called?

The Jonas Brothers most recent tour is called The Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009

Why are the Jonas Brothers called the Jonas Brothers?

Because the musical group consists of Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas, and they are brothers. It was a convinient name to use; they thought of The Jonas Trio; Jonas 3; and Sons Of Jonas; but the Jonas Brothers was the most reasonable.

Who is the most talented among the Jonas brothers?

Nick jonas

Who is most popular from the Jonas brothers?

Joe Jonas for definate.

Who sings Just Friends by the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers. But Nick has the most vocals on that song.

Who argues the most of the Jonas Brothers?

I'm sure all of the Jonas Brothers have their times where they get mad and argue.

What did Joe Jonas say he could not live without?

he said in my burnin up book about the Jonas brothers he cant live with out air. that is his most important and fav thing AIR newtest3

Who sings the most songs of the Jonas brothers?

joe Jonas :P

Who is most like of the Jonas brothers?


Who does Selena Gomez like most in the Jonas Brothers?

I think Selena gomaz like Kevin out of the Jonas brothers

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