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Amber and Ashley.

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Q: Who are the most popular girls at Miley Stewart's school?
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Does Miley Cyrus have twin daughters?

yes she does she has to little girls

Is the girls name that Miley Cyrus plays in bolt penny?


Does miley cyus like girls?

No and if she did why would it matter to you. do you wanna make out with her or something

Did Miley Cyrus make out with her boyfriends?

She's a girl. Of course she does, that's what girls do.

Is Miley Cyrus's the climb a girls song?

i think that she ment for it to go out to everyone

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Does Miley Cyrus go to an all girls school in LA?

No, Miley has a tutor.

What are the release dates for The Most Popular Girls in School - 2012 The Least Popular Girls in School 1-7?

The Most Popular Girls in School - 2012 The Least Popular Girls in School 1-7 was released on: USA: 3 July 2012

Are Kristen Stewarts siblings boys or girls?

Kristen has one brother, Cameron Stewart.

How do you be more popular at school?

I think you don't need to be popular. Try to be friendly with other girls who are on the sidelines. Girls and boys who you will be true to you and that will be enough

What school did Miley Cyrus attend?

Miley now goes to Options For Youth and was tutored on the set of TV shows. She attended Heritage Middle School in New Jersey for a while but left as she was bullied by other girls that went there.its not your businessHigh School Musical

What are the release dates for The Most Popular Girls in School - 2012 Atchison 2-5?

The Most Popular Girls in School - 2012 Atchison 2-5 was released on: USA: 9 April 2013

Why did Miley Cyrus get picked on?

Answer: Miley Cyrus Could've gotten picked on in school for multiple reasons. 1. The girls that picked on her were jealous2. Miley had crooked teeth at the time3. She was smaller than most of the kids4. She was easy to be picked onAnything.Those girls had no reason to pick on her like that though.I am not much of a fan of Miley, but let me tell yah, no one deserves to be picked on.Sorry if this didn't answer you question.

What is a good song for two middle school girls to perform for a talent show?

I guess that The Climb by Miley Cyrus would be good.

Does Miley date girls boys or boys and girls?


Who are the prettiest girls in Williams middle school Tracy ca in 6th grade?

here are the popular and pretty girls in williams middle school in sixth grade:

Is sergio dominguez cool in school?

yes he is so popular and flurt with girls

What school does Mandy Jiroux go to?

Mandy jiroux doesn't go to school because she is 21 and she is sort of like Miley Cyrus like what she does for school. she is in a band called the beach girls 5