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The song represents the nation and its people as a single entity and standing in a salute position during its performance is a sign of respect for the country, its people, its government and for any ideals it portends, whether or not these ideals have yet actually been put into practice.

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It is considered an act of respect. Our national anthem is a sign for all the sacrifices people have made for our country. People died for our flag and our freedom. And not standing means not respecting the freedom fighters who have made any kind of sacrifice for our country. And standing up during the national anthem means a respectful and good citizen.

Even the song itself is a song of somebody protecting our freedom. It was written during the British assault.

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Everyone needs to stand up out of respect, but some religions don't salute the flag. It is against their ideology .

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Q: Who does not stand up for the national anthem?
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How did francis Scott key stand up for America?

He wrote our national anthem.

What do dragons stand for?

their national anthem?

When did NFL players have to stand for national anthem?

NFL players have never actually been required to stand for the National Anthem - but have done so out of respect.

What is a US national?

Welcome to the National Park. Please stand for the playing of the national anthem.

Do you stand during the national anthem without the flag present?


Is it your decision to stand for the National Anthem?

There are 2 answers: 1 ~ You can stand for your country's anthem because it supports the wars and the men that died under your flag. It is history that you should stand. It's respectful because you are saluting. 2~ You don't have to stand for your country's anthem if it is not important to you. If your school (Secondary or Elementary) sings the anthem you can sit down. The teacher(s) in your classroom do NOT have rights to tell you to stand up. It's your decision. Nobody tells you what to do at your school (or anywhere else) to stand for the National anthem. Example for 2nd answer: Let's say you are a 16-year-old boy and you are in a classroom, the announcements report to say they ask you to stand for the national anthem. Your teacher will ask the students to stand but you can sit down, you have rights to sit down, sure, the teacher will argue or be mad at you, but you tell him/her that you have rights to sit down! It's your life!

Does someone have to stand for a natiniol anthem?

Yes. As a sign of respect for any national anthem, it is sung while standing at attention.

Is the US national anthem an up tempo song?

The US National Anthem is not a funeral dirge. Too many artists over "perform" the anthem, nearly dragging it into a ditch. The National Anthem should be sung as a celebration. Not up tempo, but straightforward and proud.

What is the answer for spin for riches Poptropica when you hear it you should be on your feet?

The National Anthem

Who came up with your national anthem?


What is the last line of the canadian national anthem?

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

What is Thailands national anthem?

It's an anthem in which you sing while the flag goes up.