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You forgot to tell the name of the song.

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Sang what?

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Q: Who else had a hit with this song?
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Did Avril Lavingne steal her hit song Girlfriend?

NO! coz she doesn't need to! coz her music is better than everyone else's !

When was Be Someone Else - song - created?

Be Someone Else - song - was created in 2009.

Who had a hit with the song halo?

Beyoncé has a current hit with the song Halo.

When was Hit the Highway - song - created?

Hit the Highway - song - was created in 1967.

When was Nobody Else - song - created?

Nobody Else - song - was created on 1996-09-03.

Who sang bad to the bone?

the answer to your question on the song bad to the bone it was done by george thorogood did the song no one else even did a cover up for the song and by the way LOL who ever thought guns and roses did the cover to no way LOl it was george thorogood that was his song and his hit

How can i get a song a hit or listened too?

In order for the new song to be a "hit", it first must be marketed in such a way that people are inclined to listen to it. There are a number of internet sources that allow one to upload their song for others to enjoy ... but, BEWARE when doing this, as your song can easily be stolen and attributed to someone else. Best to get yourself an agent who can better help you achieve your musical goals.

What is Christina Aguilera's latest hit song?

Her latest hit song is "It Keeps Getting Better"

What is hannahmontana's hit song?

Hannah Montana's hit song is definetly Breakout!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody loves it!

Hit song from 1994?

"The Sign" by Ace Of Base was the number 1 hit song of 1994.

When was No One Else - Total song - created?

No One Else - Total song - was created on 1995-10-28.

Is the song proud to be here a single?

The song "Proud to be Here" is a top hit single. This song hit number one on the charts.